Campsites for Sale at Woodhaven Lakes Resort

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We have several campsites available at Woodhaven Lakes, the country's largest  private camping resort! Located two hours west of Chicago in Sublette, IL, Woodhaven Lakes offers plenty of amenities and makes a wonderful and affordable second home.

All of the campsites we sell were abandoned and need to be cleaned up in some way, whether an old junky trailer or just tall, overgrown grass. Before we start cleaning them up, we offer them in their AS-IS condition at a discounted price.  Do it yourself and save! We also have a few lots we've already cleared!


YES! There's still time to enjoy


at Woodhaven Lakes!

We can typically close in 3 business days!


Campsites Ready for your Trailer


Abandoned Campsites - Clear it Yourself

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Access to Woodhaven is limited to owners and their guests, so if you would like to see any of our lots, please call or email for an appointment!

CALL (773) 294-3944 FOR A SHOWING!

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